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Florida Shorebirds and Seabirds

The Florida Shorebird Alliance (“FSA”) has published its Monitoring Data at Work Annual Report, which reflects conservation efforts and positive trends for Florida shorebirds and seabirds. This report also informs of how to protect shorebirds and seabirds. Bird stewards ensure beachgoers are aware of fragile nesting areas and educate visitors about the remarkable species that […]

EAI’s History

Ecological Associates, Inc. (EAI) has a long history on the Treasure Coast. It originated with Bob Ernest and Erik Martin, who came to Jensen Beach as biologists for a firm called Applied Biology, Inc. (ABI). ABI operated in Florida for many years supporting important biological research, including investigations into impacts to sea turtle nesting from […]

EAI Attends the National HCP Coalition Meeting in Austin, Texas

EAI’s project manager and coastal protected species division lead, Grace Botson, is attending the National Habitat Conservation Planning (HCP) Coalition Annual Meeting this week in Austin, Texas! An active participant in Habitat Conservation Planning, EAI and Grace are thrilled to network with other policymakers and scientists to learn and discuss HCP development and implementation. Grace […]

EAI’s Sustainability Initiative: Why Earth Day is Everyday

Ecological Associates, Inc. (“EAI”) is pleased to announce the inception of its Sustainability Initiative! Our mission is to protect the natural environment by providing high quality scientific research, compliance, and permitting services that help minimize, mitigate, and understand the impacts of our clients’ projects. We developed this Sustainability Initiative to reduce the environmental impact of […]

Gopher Tortoise Recipient Site Scarcity

Florida’s population increase has caused an influx of new development. However, what may come as a surprise is that the new development that occurs to accommodate Florida’s population increase causes habitat loss for gopher tortoises and exacerbates the scarcity of viable recipient sites for gopher tortoise relocation. Both the gopher tortoise and its burrow are […]