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January 14, 2022

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In addition to providing environmental services to commercial and municipal clients, EAI takes pride in being a community partner. In June of 2021, EAI assisted The Reef Institute in deploying an artificial reef within the Lake Worth Lagoon as part of a project known as the “Marine Living Structures Initiative.” This new reef design incorporated a concrete mix made with 70% recycled aggregate material and 40% less Portland cement than a standard mix; this minimizes the structures’ production footprint. The goal of this project is to create a living reef structure by attracting new coral recruitment, rather than simply acting as a “fish house.” 

This reef is also unique because it has a modular design allowing for multiple shapes, sizes, and configurations. This collaborative design was developed by Michael Singer Studios and The Reef Institute and brilliantly includes elements optimized for numerous creatures. Also included is a specific location for future coral specimen outplanting.  

Pictured: a photo of corals in The Reef Institute’s facility

EAI assisted The Reef Institute with transportation to the deployment site and photo documentation of the construction process. It is our hope that the documentation provided can be used as a resource for future installations, to increase efficiency, and to allow installment of these structures by everyday citizens.  

Information about The Reef Institute and their work to protect and restore Florida’s coral reefs can be found at  

to ultimately create a living reef structure by attracting new coral recruitment, rather than simply acting as a “fish house”.