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316(a) and (b) Power Plant Studies

The utility industry routinely requires a variety of aquatic and terrestrial ecological studies and environmental impact assessments in support of site planning, permitting, and operating licenses for its power plants and associated infrastructure.  EAI provides a diverse array of services to support the needs of this industry, including: Clean Water Act Section 316(a) and (b) studies; ecological assessments in support of plant relicensing, NPDES permitting, and thermal variances; NPDES permit-compliance monitoring of water quality and/or biological communities affected by thermal discharges; assessment of causes and identification of organisms responsible for condenser tube fouling; capture and release of wildlife; wetland and wildlife assessments in support of planning and construction of gas pipelines and electricity transmission line corridors; and submerged resource surveys in support of permitting for sub-aqueous cable crossings.

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