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March 10, 2021

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One of EAI’s long-term goals was to have a home base that is big enough for continued expansions, with consolidated offices and equipment, and enough staff parking. That is why EAI’s recent purchase of the building at 3552 Candice Avenue and adjacent lot in Jensen Beach is cause for celebration! This purchase allows us to consolidate our rental of three locations (two storage and one office) into one owned location.

This industrially zoned property has a warehouse and office space, ample parking, a vacant lot, and is conveniently located half a mile from EAI’s founding and still active Sunview Terrace office. We are eager to remodel the office space, even though some of the remaining 80’s d├ęcor was pretty rad!

EAI was fortunate in 2020 to grow, and we are eager to continue that trend in 2021. EAI now has three branch offices. Rachel King heads our Brevard County office, Jenny Smith heads our Palm Beach County office, and Patrick Murphy heads our Broward County office.

EAI’s purchase of the Candice Avenue building creates efficiencies at a single location to better serve our local clients, accomplish goals, and focus on scaling our business in neighboring counties. All of this means 2021 will be a busy and exciting year for us locally and in neighboring counties.