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May 20, 2019

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We are always excited to share the advancements of our existing professionals and the addition of new professionals here at EAI.

Carrie Scarola was promoted  to Project Manager in our environmental resources group. Carrie has been with EAI sine 2007 and worked within all three of our focus areas. Congratulations Carrie!

We’d also like to congratulate EAI veteran Liz Ranalli. Liz has worked with EAI since 2015, splitting her time between our aquatic sciences and coastal protected species projects. However, it was our coastal protected species group who needed some full time help and Liz stepped up to the Biologist position; congratulations Liz!

Joe Scarola, our sea turtle lighting specialist, also deserves congratulations. Joe is now a certified Lighting Specialist (LS-1) with the National Association of Innovative Lighting Distributors. Since EAI’s lighting services include recommended light fixture modifications, this training provides Joe with both a strong foundation in current lighting innovations and access to a network of lighting fixture manufacturers.

By this time each year, EAI has staffed up for the upcoming sea turtle nesting season which requires the addition of nearly a dozen Field Technicians. This year, we welcome back Jessica Pate, Cassidy Killinger, Shelby Wood, Lauren Maline, and Chelsea Petersen. We also welcome the new faces of Kim Rigano, Carly Batts, Merope Moonstone, Abbey Chaney, Julie Mitchell, and Tirzah Chichester. Welcome aboard and best of luck for a smooth and productive nesting season!

A bit overdue, we’d like to formally welcome several staff who have joined EAI since our last newsletter. In our environmental resources section, we have two new Biologists – Rob Berretta and Rachel King who joined us in August 2018 – and two new Field Technicians – Allie Lamb and Cat Trimble who joined us earlier this year.

Farewell to Brian Sharpe who has been with EAI since 2015. Brian has been an integral part of our environmental resources group and heading up their permitting efforts. We’re happy for Brian as he takes on a new challenge at Florida Power & Light Company and we hope to continue working with him, even if not under the same roof. Good luck Brian!

Last and most significant, we’d like to recognize the FOUR new mothers amongst EAI’s staff. Congratulations Carrie, Kara, Katie, and Laurie and warmest welcomes (to the world!) to Maya Scarola, Juliette Muzia, Gage Grablow, and Athena Allnatt.