EAI is pleased to announce the addition of Environmental Engineering to serve our clients further. Led by Kaitlin Wood, P.E., EAI’s Environmental Engineering department promotes installation of nature-based solutions, such as living shorelines and wetlands, over traditional, hardened infrastructure. EAI’s environmental consulting expertise and Kaitlin’s background in public utilities allows EAI to provide hybrid (green/grey) solutions to meet our clients’ infrastructure needs while providing a net environmental benefit to surrounding communities.

The addition of this service line comes as communities are focusing more on resilience planning and sustainable development. Please see the article on living shorelines for more information on one example of a nature-based solution that not only provides protection from erosion but is dynamic, resilient, and aesthetically appealing.

Kaitlin Wood, P.E., is experienced working with public utilities and governments on water and wastewater projects in south Florida. She is seasoned in project management, permitting, design, and construction administration of wastewater infrastructure. Kaitlin is a licensed professional environmental engineer with an academic background in ecology and wetland sciences. She is certified through Florida Sea Grant for Living Shorelines. When asked about her passion for engineering and the environment, Kaitlin said the following:

"I’m an Environmental Engineer with an artistic streak – or maybe an Environmental Artist with an engineering streak. I leverage both my creative and analytical strengths in my current role to develop projects that achieve engineering success while simultaneously benefitting our natural environment.
People are my favorite part of my work. I welcome the challenges of trying to navigate the often different interests of owners, contractors, and community stakeholders. I enjoy meeting new people and working as part of a team to develop mutually beneficial solutions.
My career and personal life are driven by the desire to make the world a more sustainable place. When I’m not at work, you can find me in or around the ocean, picking up seashells and trash. If it’s too cold or rainy to be outside, I’ll be inside making art that reminds me of the sea.
If you’re interested in discussing green infrastructure, environmental engineering, or sustainability, drop me an e-mail at kaitlin@ecological-associates.com.”