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At EAI, we are continuously providing innovative environmental management and monitoring solutions to private and public sector clients in Florida and beyond. Read below from our semi-annual newsletter for updates on EAI projects, publications, presentations, and awards . Check our Facebook page often for current happenings, cool facts about wildlife, and project highlights!

EAI’s Sustainability Initiative: Why Earth Day is Everyday

Ecological Associates, Inc. (“EAI”) is pleased to announce the inception of its Sustainability Initiative! Our mission is to protect the natural environment by providing high quality scientific research, compliance, and permitting services that help minimize,...

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Start of 2022 Sea Turtle Nesting Season

Ecological Associates, Inc. (“EAI”) continues to survey approximately 50 miles of high-density sea turtle nesting beaches along Florida’s east coast. Prior to the start of Florida’s sea turtle nesting season (March 1st – October 31st), nine leatherback nests were...

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Gopher Tortoise Recipient Site Scarcity

Florida’s population increase has caused an influx of new development. However, what may come as a surprise is that the new development that occurs to accommodate Florida’s population increase causes habitat loss for gopher tortoises and exacerbates the scarcity of...

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Community Partnership – Marine Living Shorelines Initiative

In addition to providing environmental services to commercial and municipal clients, EAI takes pride in being a community partner. In June of 2021, EAI assisted The Reef Institute in deploying an artificial reef within the Lake Worth Lagoon as part of a project known...

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