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At EAI, we are continuously providing innovative environmental management and monitoring solutions to private and public sector clients in Florida and beyond. Read below from our semi-annual newsletter for updates on EAI projects, publications, presentations, and awards . Check our Facebook page often for current happenings, cool facts about wildlife, and project highlights!

CREW Land & Water Trust

EAI staff recently attended the 37th Annual Environmental Permitting Summer School in Marco Island, FL. As part of our sustainability initiative, instead of handing out the typical conference swag, we decided to have attendees vote at our booth for what local...

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EAI Conducts Local Tree Survey

In early March, Ecological Associates, Inc. (EAI) conducted a tree survey for a proposed boardwalk trail system for public access along a local wetland. The purpose of the survey was to document any regulated native trees or palms within the project area that...

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