St. Lucie Inlet: Great Annual Fish Count 


On August 17, 2022, EAI participated in REEF’s Great Annual Fish Count! This event gathers a global community of divers and snorkelers to bring awareness to marine diversity through fish surveys. This event is a catalyst to the year-round need for “divers/snorkelers and the general public to [conduct] volunteer fish monitoring.” (See REEF’s Website)


Launching from Sandsprit Park in Martin County, Florida, EAI volunteers documented 44 species of fish within nearshore waters of the St. Lucie Inlet Preserve State Park! Martin County and Florida Park Service staff also participated in the event. Below is a list of the species EAI observed:


(S=Single, F=Few 2-10, M=Many8 11-100, A=Abundant >100)


Blue Angelfish                   M

French Angelfish               F 

Gray Angelfish                   S 

Queen Angelfish               F

Great Barracuda               F

Fairy Basslet                      M

Beaugregory                      F 

Bicolor Damselfish           F

Dusky Damselfish             F

Sergeant Major                A 

Orangespotted Filefish   F

Bluestriped Grunt            M

Caesar Grunt                     M

French Grunt                     A

Black Margate                   F

Porkfish                              A

Sailors Choice                   M

Spanish Grunt                   F

Tomtate                             A 

Bar Jack                              M

Blue Runner                       F

Queen Parrotfish              F

Stoplight Parrotfish         F

Yellowtail Parrotfish        M 

Silver Porgy                       M

Gray Snapper                     A

Lane Snapper                    F

Mutton Snapper               F 

Schoolmaster                    M 

Blue Tang                           M 

Doctorfish                          M

Ocean Surgeonfish           F 

Bluehead                            F 

Clown Wrasse                   A 

Creole Wrasse                  F

Puddingwife                       F 

Slippery Dick                     A

Yellowhead Wrasse         M 

Chub (Bermuda)               M

Nurse Shark                       S 

Sharksucker                       S

Green Sea Turtle              S