In early March, Ecological Associates, Inc. (EAI) conducted a tree survey for a proposed boardwalk trail system for public access along a local wetland. The purpose of the survey was to document any regulated native trees or palms within the project area that could be affected by the proposed improvements.

During the survey, EAI recorded attributes such as tree identification number, common/scientific name, diameter at breast height (DBH), clear trunk height (palms), canopy spread, and general condition (Excellent, Good, Poor, Dead) for each tree. EAI also flagged certain trees in order to maintain and encourage the integrity and sustainability of natural plant communities within the project area. The collected data will be used to plan the boardwalk path in the best possible way to avoid and minimize any impacts to natural resources.
Pictured: Biologists Meike de Vringer (left) and Dani Koehler (right) conducting a tree survey.