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May 20, 2019

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Martin County’s Engineering Department oversees more than 120 acres of stormwater treatment areas (STAs). In 2017, Martin County contracted with EAI to perform aspects of their STA management, including water quality monitoring and vegetation control.  Beginning earlier this year, Martin County tasked EAI to evaluate different vegetation control methods and assess the effectiveness of reducing herbicides or using better alternatives.

Martin County selected three locations, including two STAs and a mosquito control ditch, and EAI designed four treatments to assess the effectiveness and costs of each treatment. The four treatment types are: 1) Control; 2) Mechanical Treatment Only; 3) Standard Chemical Treatment; and 4) Combination Treatment.

Overview of the Citrus STA Treatment Layout

Baseline surveys were conducted prior to treatment initiation by documenting the plant species along fixed transect lines. EAI then began a nine-month treatment at each of the three sites. Quarterly monitoring surveys are being conducted to collect data for the assessment. Following the nine-month treatment window and collection of data, EAI will provide a report to Martin County documenting the effectiveness and costs of the different treatments. EAI is proud to support Martin County’s proactive approach to managing its water quality infrastructure.